We undertake regular discussions with a large number of investors and investor networks. These discussions give us excellent insight with respect to their investment appetites as well as their investment goals.

Before companies commence the capital raising process, it is important that they are:

• Investor ready – they have the fundamentals in place that investors and financier require before they invest;
• Attractive as possible to ensure that capital is raised on suitable terms.

We will work closely to ensure that your business is investor ready by evaluating and advising you on:

• Stage Of Business Development;
• Financial Performance Of The Business;
• Growth Prospects;
• Competitive Position;
• Existing Financial Structure And Position;
• Financial Reporting And Forecasting;
• Corporate Structure;
• Existing Capital Structure.

We have established relationships with a number of investors and networks, and we can facilitate introductions to these funds to smooth the process of negotiating and finalizing funding arrangements.

Our Services:
Making the initial approach to investors on your behalf;
Negotiating with investors on the funding and valuations;
Assistance with the preparation of funding agreements;
Assistance in the preparation of shareholder agreements.

Successful equity funding requires trust and transparency on all sides. At Outright, we have the experience and industry knowledge you need to support your search for funding and the finalization of a robust agreement.