Raising funds to help support your business's growth is fundamental to financing a company. We understand that interest based borrowing or
investments are not appreciated by everyone; However, need to invest / borrow funds without equity.

At Outright, We will:
• Consider your requirements against our knowledge of the market;
• Test the strategy and business plan, including an analysis of the funding requirement;
• Assist with the presentation of the opportunity to potential funders;
• Help with the preparation and presentation of the financial model for submission to funders including carrying out robust sensitivity analysis on the banking covenants;
• Leverage our relationships with funders to gauge appetite and terms;
• Benchmark terms and pricing.

At Outright, we have a large number of investors and investor network that are willing to invest money without interest and equity. This usually work as part of leases against the investment or a share of profit without equity.

Banks & Financial Institutions (Islamic Finance):
We deal with Banks & Financial Institutions that deal in Islamic Finance and provide loans that are shariah compliant.

Outright carries relevant experience in choosing the shariah compliant investors based on the investment, risk & return appetite, and Islamic Financial Institutions.