Our approach is both holistic and customizable, enabling you to cultivate, reward and continually improve a sustainable cost management culture. We combine the lean principles to identify the inefficiencies in the processes with the financial tools to achieve sustainable cost management.

1. Zero Based Budgeting & Zero Based Redesign:
We combine the Zero Based Budgeting and Zero Based Redesign that focus on streamlining the processes, setting granular level KPIs, and rigorous tracking and monitoring of the set model.

2. Achieving a step-change in net working capital (NWC) performance can be challenging. Companies tend to devote far more focus to operating profit. Financial reporting at the P&L level doesn’t measure working capital optimization. Gaining full visibility into cash performance and availability can be a struggle. And improving NWC performance requires cross-functional cooperation and alignment with mid-level managers, which is difficult to achieve, particularly when their incentives are misaligned with effective working capital management. We’ve helped companies in many industries overcome those obstacles and reduce the cash conversion cycle markedly—and sustainably.

3. Finance Function Initiatives:
We partner with you to quickly identify sources of value, develop a plan of achievable initiatives, turn that plan into action, and sustain the results.

Here’s how it works. We start by ensuring your finance policies, processes, organization, and systems are aligned to your business strategy. Then, we bring a full range of capabilities, including operating model redesign, process redesign, shared services, outsourcing and offshoring, to help you achieve your goals. To sustain your results over the long-term, we’ll also address the critical talent and change management activities so essential to building an extraordinary finance team. and fostering the necessary culture and behavior changes.