Formulating the divestment in explicit terms is essential for a successful transaction. We assist vendors in:

  • Definition of transaction scope from business and operations viewpoints;
  • Explicit statement of the carve-out financials, balance sheet and P/L statement;
  • Design of transaction structure and completion mechanism;
  • Operational separation design and project plans to execute carve-out;
  • Providing vendor due diligence to review the target for the Buyers;
  • Realization of divestment case on time and on value;
  • Guaranteed financial and legal completion of the transaction;
  • Smooth operational carve-out ensuring business continuity without disruption;
  • Resolution of business linkages with transitional and long term agreements;
  • Clear and comprehensive stakeholder communications and employee experience.

At Outright, we outline all possible exit strategies to ensure your understanding of how buyers assess value. We also discuss the advantages, disadvantages and likelihood of success for each divestment approach:
• Trade Sale;
• Management Buy In / Out;
• Private Equity Sale;
• Next Generation Succession.