A Company is the sub product of its leadership and talents, and for a Service Company, that’s all of it. A well developed Human Capital Strategy with its effective implementation helps the Company with envisioned Leadership and aligned talents.

At Outright, we help our Clients with the following:
• Talent Assessments & Skill Matrix: Luck in business is having right talents at the right place. Talent Assessment helps to place right talents at the right role. We help the Clients in assessing the natural aptitudes by proven online tests, qualification, experience, passion and commitment of the staff.
We assess the best fit candidates for the roles.
• Developing detailed Job Roles & Descriptions: Defined job descriptions are necessary for efficiency, responsibility and performance evaluation.
We help Clients to develop the job description while considering the segregation of duties, lean work approach and efficiency.
• Team Building Strategies: We help Clients with effective team building strategies that effectively compliment the skills of each team members.
• Training & Development: We help the Clients with training on Accounting, Finance, Lean work approach, Risk Management, and optimizing information systems and ERPs.
• Goal Cascading & Goal Congruence; A holistic goal setting, cascading, and goal congruence of different functions are necessary to achieve organizational goals. We help the Client in goal cascading and creating a harmony between the organizational goals, career & personal goals of the staff.
• Reward Strategy and Comp&Benefits; Often an organization’s pay and reward structure has evolved without any overall goal, sometimes allowing bias and unequal pay issues. However, applying a strategy to your pay and reward efforts can deliver real benefits your workforce and your business. A pay and reward strategy is something the CIPD recommends employers undertake. We help the Clients in designing a win win Reward Strategy based on Harmonized Pay, Benefits, Personal Growth, and Positive Workspace to create and maintain motivated workforce.