Governance is concerned with engagement, communication and culture, which in almost every instance are the drivers of decision and broader corporate activity. Hence, it is present in every organization regardless of size or background.

Are you a Managing Partner / Manager?

We help you with a governance system with your investors / partners that safeguards the interests of all parties without having to affect any interpersonal relationship between the Partners & Investors.
We believe that effective governance is essential in getting you closer to your goals and we can help you answer questions such as:
• How your managers engage with the Partners / Investors;
• How your Partners / Investors engages with your employees;
• How they collectively engage with external stakeholders.

Are you a Silent Partner / Investor:

We help you with a governance system with your Active Partners / Managers that safeguards your interests while not affecting the interpersonal relationships. We also help you on the following:
• Audit and Assurance services on the finance and operations on the business;
• MIS to keep you informed on the financial matters of the company including Sales, Purchase, Expenses, Credit, Collections, and Profitability.