Due diligence is an essential part of any business acquisition and we are well suited to provide a clear and authoritative review. For buyers, our team can conduct a comprehensive review needed to make a well-informed decision about the viability of the proposed purchase.

Our independence, experience, commercial approach, attention to detail and objectivity provides increased confidence and supports clear decision making.

We can help you make a well-informed decision about the proposed acquisition through careful analysis of:
• Forecast earnings and cash flows;
• Historical earnings and cash flows;
• Working capital requirements;
• Key business drivers;
• Financial position;
• Accounting policies;
• Financial reporting systems and processes; and
• Tax compliance.

We can also advise you on specific aspect of the sale agreement such as purchase price adjustment for working capital and net debt as well as the broader financial aspects of the agreement such as completion accounts or locked box mechanism.

We will tailor our reporting to meet your requirements. This may be in the form of short form report focused on the key issues and risk, a detailed long form report and/or an excel based data book.